How To Adjust Torque Wrench:Step By Step Guideline

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Suppose, you are driving on a highway and suddenly your car’s wheel starts troubling. And after some time it gets punctured. Now, what will you do? Of course, you will bring out your torque wrench and start repairing your wheel. You get messed and the wheel nut gets too tight. You feel so nervous. So, what will you do now? Okay, calm down and start reading this article about how to adjust torque wrench. This article is going to help you in this situation.

We are going to tell some magic about the torque wrench. We will discuss adjusting torque wrench in this article. It is a very important part because you need to know when and how to adjust a torque wrench. It will help you to prevent things over tighten. You don’t have to put much effort or struggle to lose a nut.

What Is A torque Wrench?

At first, we should know what is a torque wrench. A torque wrench is a tool which is used to tight the nut and bolt and to prevent over tightening bolt.Torque screwdrivers and torque wrench are the same for working.Their mechanism is also the same.

how to adjust torque wrench

Types Of Torque Wrench

There are many types of torque wrench people use. Basically, there mainly are three types of torque wrench which are mostly used. These are: Beam, Click and Electronic.

Beam Style Torque Wrench

A Beam type torque wrench has a simple mechanism and so it is easy to use. It was invented a century ago. Walter Percy had invented it.  There two beams. One is used to apply force and it is known as the main beam. The other beam is attached to socket head. Both beams run parallel to each other. This torque is cheap.

There is another beam type torque. The torque wrench has a dial gauge indicator.

Click Type Torque Wrench

Click type torque has special mechanism. The very common has a spring inside and it is micrometer adjust. It makes a click sound when the specific torque has achieved. Here, spring has a very important role. If the spring is tight, it will be harder to push the ball out of detent.

Next is electronic torque. This torque has an electronic sensor.It has no parts for moving. It will sense how much force is needed.

how to adjust a torque wrench measurement

Besides these, there are more torque wrenches. One is slipper torque wrench. It has a roller ball and mechanism is cam. “No hub” wrench torque is used by plumbers. This torque works in only a single direction.Mechatronic and hydraulic torque wrench is also used in various ways.

How To Adjust Torque Wrench : Apprentice to Pro Guide

So, now we have a little idea about wrench torque. Now we need to know how we are going to use this. To use this torque, at first we need to know the torque specification. It will be found in the manual. But you need to know which type of torque you will use for your work. Suppose, for repairing wheel, you need large pound foot wrench torque. And for small nut, you need small pound inch torque.

So, you need to understand that sizes are very important matter. Here are the facts of sizes I am giving:

  • Small torque wrenches are ranging from 10 to 250 in-ft. It is used for valve covers, valve bodies, and interior fasteners.
  • 5 to 10 lb-ft are considered as medium torque wrenches. It is used for engine accessories, some wheel nuts, break component, interior component etc.
  • And the last one is large wrench torque. It’s ranging from 20-250 lb-ft. It is used for wheel nut, wheel bearing hubs, cylinder head bolt, big instruments etc.

I hope, now you have a good idea about wrench torque. Now we will discuss about using and adjusting process.

how to work with a torque wrench

When you want to work with a wrench torque, you need a steady hand. And most importantly, you need to adjust the torque. And as our article is about adjusting the wrench torque, I am showing you the process. Here, I am describing the adjusting process of a wrench torque.

So, you have to follow the points I am describing here.

12 torque wrench working principle

  • First of all, mark the back of the wrench on the center of the drive.
  • Measure down from that mark and follow the spot where your hand grips the wrench.
  • Measure the distance between two marks.
  • check
    Record the measurement you got.
  • check
    Clamp the head in a bench vice. Be careful no other part shouldn’t be contacted with vice.
  • check
    Move handle to horizontal and set the torque value.
  • check
    Hang the weight along the line as we marked the center. This time if you hear the click, lift the weights and move it in towards the square drive. Do it until you stop hearing the click.
  • check
    When click stops, mark the point.
  • check
    If no click is heard (at point 7), move the weight away until you hear the click. Point the mark when you hear clicking. And follow the point 8.
  • check
    Move the point in and out to ensure your point is right. Always lift the weight off the handle to move. It ensures the safety.
  • check
    Now, measure the distance from square dive to point of click transition. This is the second ratio. Both are needed for the perfect measure.
  • check
    Correct the difference. You will get ratio numbers. So divide them and you will get the correct difference.

If you follow these steps you will not mess again when you will use wrench torque. You will easily do your work with nut and bolt.

how to adjust a torque wrench

Now let's see a video review of Johnnysshop about how to adjust torque wrench and how to use a torque wrench.


There are several thoughts about wrench torque. If you accidentally drop your torque, don’t throw it to bin. Check its function and test the torque. It is not true that after dropping a torque it can’t be trusted. Electric wrench torque is very reliable. It gives an accurate result. So, don’t afraid to use it rather this is very good torque.

Always follow the torque specification. It will help you to avoid over tightening. Over tightening is not always good. It breaks the bolt and damages instruments.

Hope this article helps you. Now, you know how to adjust torque wrench. Also at this process you learn how to use torque wrench.  And of course, before using your torque, read the manual. And stay safe with your work. From now, you will be relaxed when you will work with a wrench torque.

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