How To Use An Adjustable Wrench:Proper Guide

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Commonly this tool is known as the adjustable wrench. Despite of a common wrench it is, some people don’t  know how to use an adjustable wrench .An adjustable wrench is a manual tool used to adjust or loosen nuts, bolts, and bolts with the hexagonal head. The adjustable wrench helps in home repairs, as well as routine vehicle maintenance. Therefore, you should know How to use an adjustable wrench to get a better result. While the wrench offers greater benefits, it has a more bulky design than the non-adjustable wrench.  

how to use an adjustable wrench

According to the reluctant mechanic, an adjustable wrench is the best tools. That allows measuring the size of the nut or bolting. The head of the key has a small metal spiral that allows you to adjust the jaws. The main feature is that the opening of the key is adjustable. That allows it to adapt to different measures of bolts or nuts. In some cases, it has a rubber coating to prevent it from slipping out of the user's hand.

Characteristics Of An Adjustable Wrench

With the tweezers, there is a wide variety of adjustable wrenches and, consequently a great difference of names for each tool. That makes up this extensive group. Spanner, French wrench, crescent wrench, wrenches dog, the monkey wrench. They are all curious names. That applies in these cases and generates confusion when purchasing any of these tools. It is mainly used to adjust various sizes of nuts and bolts. This tool provides a tremendous lever and grip. It is designed to grip round objects by surely burying its sharp teeth and sawing into the pipe, increasing the pressure as the wrench is turned.

In this opportunity, therefore, we will present the best known adjustable wrench. Many others are specific to different applications, as well as their main uses. Because of the multiplicity of names that characterize each of these keys. We will always accompany each description with the corresponding image. So that the users can easily identify the tool referred to as, it is called in each region or country.

The adjustable wrenches are used in countless industrial, commercial and domestic applications, and are indispensable in any workshop or toolbox. Its function is to perform manual torsion movements to loosen or adjust nuts, bolts, screws and cylindrical surfaces of various types are available in hardware stores or hypermarkets. It seems that the inventor Richard Clyburn designed the first adjustable wrench in the mid-nineteenth century in England.  Hence, the great tendency to call adjustable wrenches the generically English wrench. What is not clear, since there is no origin in this respect, is the reason why this tool is also known as the French key.

  • The main and basic function is to loosen or adjust nuts and bolts.
  • This tool is built with high strength and hardness steel.
  • It is used with nuts and hexagonal head screws.
  • It consists of a fixed metallic piece and another moving part that is adjusted by an endless thread.
  • Some wrenches have a handle made of insulating material and can be used in electrical work.
  • It is used to tighten and loosen nuts or bolts, they exist in several sizes and they are specified in inches, 8 ", 10", 12 ", etc.

5 Rules How To Use An adjustable Wrench

  1. When working with these keys, you must ensure that the mouth is graduated to adjust exactly to the size of the head of the screw or nut.
  2. To tighten the nuts we must turn the key in the sense of the needles of the clock and vice versa to tighten them.
  3. Neither the keys nor the hands have to be greasy at the moment of working.
  4. Do not hit the key to exert more force.
  5. You must clean and grease the moving parts of the keys.

Instructions For How To Use An Adjustable Wrench

  • Place the head of the wrench next to the nut or bolt. Turn the metal spiral with your thumb, to adjust the width of the jaws. Align the key jaws on the nut or bolt.
  • Adjust the key, if necessary secure the jaws adjust snugly against the nut or bolt. Examine the jaws to ensure they make contact with at least three faces of the nut or bolt. Turn the handle of the key counterclockwise to loosen the nut or bolt.
  • Turn the wrench to handle the clockwise to tighten the nut or bolt. Re-tighten the key jaws after each rotation of the handle.

How to use an adjustable wrench : Essential Safety measures

  • Do not put your fingers in your mouth while adjusting its width because you could catch them.
  • Never use the keys to replace the hammers, as they can deteriorate or cause an accident.
  • The keys are completely metallic and do not go isolated. Therefore, they cannot be used in places that have electricity.
  • When placing an adjustable wrench in a nut, make sure that the adjustable mouth is in front of the operator. Then pull the key to the operator,
  • Never hammer with the key on it
  • Keep the tool lubricated and clean
  • Store the tool in a suitable place
measurement of  an-adjustable-wrench

Manufacturers make adjustable wrenches of different sizes. In such a way, that the amount of leverage or support obtained with the handle of the key is the maximum of application. It is not safe to add more handle support with a piece of pipe. Let's see a video review from Clair Schwan youtube channel about how to use an adjustable wrench. Also if you are crazy for knowing  how to use a torque wrench,  just read the content . 


Adjustable wrenches are separated by a distance that the user can adjust at will, in order to adapt to the fastening element to loosen or adjust. That’s why it serves for several measures of fastening element. Adjustable wrenches are extremely useful in jobs where it is common to use pipes, and fasteners of many different sizes. For example, plumbing and gas applications, blacksmithing, installation of refrigeration and heating equipment (HVAC) or in the home. As often happens with other tools that are so useful. The inventions of adjustable wrenches are qualified to several pioneers. It still finds frequent use in heavy tasks in the aviation industry.  Mainly when it comes to adjusting or loosening large but low torque fasteners the monkey keys, as noted above, have been displaced or by wide opening jaw wrenches.

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