How To Use An Impact Wrench (The Right Way)

Today we learn about How To Use An Impact Wrench. An impact wrench is a gun like tool that works by storing energy in a heavy rotating mass and then releases the energy at once in small impacts against the output platform. It tightens or loses a bolt or nut to help you work efficiently. It allows the user to put less effort and does the laboring work. Once an individual works with an impact wrench, he or she will have to exert less force while carrying out the task.

how to use an impact wrench

An impact wrench is used for a variety of tasks. Such as automotive repair, care repair,  construction sites or any activity that requires high force output. You also learn How to Take a Tire off a Rim at Home From CarCareLab. This device is cordless and it is prime source of energy is compressed air. Below are the tips and procedures on how to operate an impact wrench.

How To Use An Impact Wrench:Ultimate guide

Safety First For Using An Impact Wrench

Safety issues are the biggest concern before you are intending to use an impact wrench. Make sure to handle the tool carefully so that it isn’t in contact with any part of the body. You must also ensure that there are no children at sight when you are attempting to use an impact wrench.

It is intriguing to look at and children may accidentally try to get in contact with it. The packaging of an impact wrench will contain a set of guideline to follow to guarantee safety, follow those protocols strictly. In this guideline or manual where you could found how to use an impact wrench.

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There are certain safety equipment suggested to use before intending to use an impact wrench. While using an impact wrench, an individual may come in contact with dust. For this very obvious reason it is recommended to use a face mask.

It is also important to use safety goggles and a thick jacket or clothing. Do not let your hair down, it should be tied up and covered by a helmet. The packaging of an impact wrench will contain a set of guideline to follow to guarantee safety, follow those protocols strictly.

How To Assemble An Impact Wrench

If you know about how to assemble an impact wrench, I think you know how to use an impact wrench. An impact wrench comes in pieces; hence it is essential that you are aware of how to assemble an impact wrench. The set of instructions should display a diagram with labeled parts of it. Besides the set of pieces that arrives with the packaging, you may require some additional materials.

The materials include an air compressor with a hose, impact sockets, and pneumatic lubricating oil.Firstly, connect the air compressor to a power outlet and prepare it for the tasks. You should adjust the compressor in a suitable range that should be mentioned in the packaging.

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Connect the rubber air hose to the air compressor outlet and stretch to elongate its length. Turn the air compressor to allow air to pass through a hose for an approximate 10 seconds. This will get rid of dust and debris that may have interfered with its functionality. Attach the cordless drill.

Make sure the trigger is switched off before attaching the impact wrench to the air compressor. If the impact wrench does not contain a self-lubricating option, add few drops of pneumatic tool oil into the air inlet which is situated at the end of the tool’s handle. Attach the hose to the impact wrench’s inlet tightly. Lastly, attach the shaft that is sticking out of the nose of the tool to a proper socket size.

Testing Of An Impact Wrench

You must first examine the direction of the impact wrench. There are two directions for different type of tasks. To loosen a bolt or nut, the direction of the anvil should turn counterclockwise. In order to tighten a bolt or nut, the direction of the anvil should turn clockwise.

Before using, test the direction in case you do not mess up the task. There will be a button or switch above the trigger at the rear end of the unit that is in charge of the forward or reverse movements of the socket. Turn the air compressor on and then turn the wrench on. Tug on the impact wrench trigger to test the direction.

Once you are done ensuring the direction, tighten or loosen a nut that is nearby to test its efficiency, workability, and speed.

Ensuring Ideal Speed For The Task

The torque is an option you are able to customize. You can choose which ever torque that is suitable for your task. Locate the speed dial and adjust the torque to your desired speed. While you are using it, ensure that you have a strong grip. Loosening your grip may lead to unwanted injuries.

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Choosing The Ideal Accessories

An impact wrench requires accessories that are ideal for its settings. A different torque, socket, and drill bits may be necessary for various tasks. It is crucial that you understand the tasks and choose accessories that are suitable with your wrench. If the accessories are not suitable, it may cause the impact wrench to break down during use and lead to hazardous conditions.

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When Not In Use

When the impact wrench is not in use, unplug and carefully switch it off. If it comes in contact and accidentally switches itself on, major accidents can occur. Hence when it is not in use, unplug it and store it somewhere safe.

Being Aware Of Its Use

Even if you are a beginner at using an impact wrench, it is highly important that you are aware of its task and usage. Always use the impact wrench for its suitable task. Do not forcibly use it for higher output force.


If you strictly follow the guide how to use an impact wrench, it a guaranteed that you won’t face any interference or injuries; whether it is to tighten or loosen a tug, to fix up a tyre to the car or a hook to the wall, an impact wrench a tool serving various purposes for industries and everyday lives. It is mandatory that you follow the rules above for safety and desirable outcome of your tasks.

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