How To Use Socket Wrench:Understanding Basic Mechanism

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Hi todays guide is about how to use socket wrench. This content is designed for those guys who have no knowledge about socket wrench. Whether you are a guy or a girl, in a modern day world it is necessary that you know your ways when it comes to repairing work. An essential part of being independent is that you perform your own chores smoothly, including household maintenance. 

Of course, not everyone is born with mechanical skills. Hence, we bring you an easy guide to understand the mechanics of one of the handiest tool, socket wrench! So learning about how to use a socket wrench, you should read our article attentively.

how to use socket wrench

A socket wrench is a basic tool used to tighten or loosen nuts or bolt. It creates an ease while doing handy work because it allows the user to exert less pressure and perform the task comfortably. Below are the steps that will help you understand the basic mechanism of a socket wrench and learn how to use socket wrench.

STEP 1: The Buying Guide

Buying a socket wrench is a very simple task. Just pay a visit to your local hardware store or look up the closest Home Depot on Google maps and voila! You can ask the shopkeepers to show you socket wrench kits and choose whichever one that meets your requirements.

STEP 2: Knowing Your Job

A socket wrench set consists of multiple sockets at various sizes. You must determine which type of socket you need for your application. For instance, you are about to extract a nut from a wheel, you need a socket the properly fits the nut. Otherwise, it will slit and you won’t be able to properly exert the right amount of force.

A socket wrench set will contain a different type of sockets. Through the trial and error method, you can find the socket the rightfully fits your application.

STEP 3: Matching The Socket Tools

The next step is to fit the socket to the handle. There is a square shaped hole in every socket, you must first figure out that hole. Once you have done so, attach the hole to the handle. You will recognize a square-shaped knob on the handle. Attach the square-shaped hole of the socket to the square-shaped knob on the handle. There are many handles to choose from in a socket wrench kit. Each handle has a knob with a different size.

socket wrench size

Pick the nut the knows your job and then attach the nut with its complementary handle. If these two properly attach, it should make a clicking sound. Once you hear the clicking noise, you can assure yourself that the handle and socket are properly attached. You are now set to put your hands on the actual task.

STEP 4: Decide On Which Way To Turn

A socket wrench turns two ways: clockwise and anti-clockwise. If your intention is to loosen a nut, you should turn it clockwise. If you are intending to tighten a nut, then you should turn is anti-clockwise. If you are still not sure, there is a switch on the side of the socket which will guide you for your purposes. Turn the switch right in order to tighten and turn the switch left in order to loosen.

tightening and loosening nuts with socket wrench

STEP 5: Master The Art Of Twisting

Attach the socket to the nut and rotate it in the direction according to your needs. Make sure you have enough space around you that is needed while rotating your hand. You do not want to perform this task in a cluttered space as it will cause you to bump into materials that will hurt you.

You should also be aware of how much rotation is required once you are tightening a nut. If you tighten it excessively, it will be hard to untie the nut when needed. Once you have all these on mind, you can twist freely as much as you need.

If you follow the steps above, you can now use a socket wrench with ease. No need to hire a technician and spend hundreds of dollars. You can be your own technician.

How To Use Socket Wrench With Ratcheting Socket Wrench

If you are constantly traveling or shifting homes, it sometimes can be a little too tough to carry a large set of tools. Well, there is a solution for this as well! Another version of a socket wrench is the ratcheting socket wrench. The ratcheting socket wrench includes less number of pieces. This allows you to save more space and labor.

It is much more efficient and portable. You can fit sockets of any size to a single handle. You do not constantly need to refit and resize a socket with a different handle. A single handle meets the requirements for all handles. The ratcheting wrench provides a much speedier process compared to a conventional wrench.

ratcheting socket wrench

If you feel that you do not have the time to decide on which socket to fit on which handle, if you feel like you do not have the space to store over 20 pieces, if you feel that you are not a techie person and need a tool that requires less labor, the ratcheting socket wrench is your go-to deal.

The steps on how to use a ratcheting socket wrench are the same as the ones mentioned about a conventional socket wrench, with the exception of step 2; since you do not need to fit each socket with a different handle. Let's see a video review about socket and socket wrenches from Repairs101 channel.


Congratulations! Now you are a pro at using a socket wrench. It is not as tough as it seems, is it? The media may portray that you need to be a tough guy in order to work with a few maintenance tools. Has the myth left your mind now? You can be anyone at any age that can learn how to use a socket wrench and fix up a few malfunctions here and there.

In order to become self-reliant, it is essential that you know how to work with your tools. Learning how to use a socket wrench kit is no rocket science. It is a basic skill that can be learned within a matter of a few minutes.

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