Makita Xwt11z Review & Buying Guide For 2020: Should You Buy It?

Are you Makita Lover? or not? Its doesn't matter Just read our Makita xwt11z review.  Ask yourself, if you're to fix up a motor or a tire or even any machine that is joined using lug nuts, do you have the time to manually open all the nuts before starting to work?

In today's world, time is money. Do you think anyone will let you waste time on using a wrench to open those nuts? No! Not a chance. You need an impact wrench now.

You do understand how important an impact wrench is, right? If you're allotted a specific amount of time to fix a machine, you don't want to spend most of it opening and closing nuts. There's a lot of other things that you'll have to do. To make sure you can make the best use of your time, you need power tools like an impact wrench that will save your time. And saving time is saving money.

If you take a look at any other professional toolboxes, you'll find an impact wrench surely. But your box lacks one. That's why you are here to read the Makita xwt11z review. After reading this Makita xwt11z review, you'll be able to make your decision whether you should buy it or not.

So, let’s get started!

Exclusive Features Of  Makita xwt11z Impact Wrench

The Makita xwt11z is a cordless, lithium-ion battery-powered 1/2 sq. inch impact wrench. It's made by the company Makita who believes in the control, power, and innovation for the power tool users. They have dedicated their industry to make the work environment a better place for all mechanical workers.

Makita XWT11Z

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Having this idea in mind, they have created such a device that lets you get innovative, have power and total control over the work you do. That's their oath and to fulfill their oath, Makita xwt11z is the latest addition to their line of power tools.

It's packed with all the necessary features that you need from an impact driver. It's fast and flexible. You can even work at rigid places with it very easily as it's cordless and battery-powered. Now you may have a concern that how long would it last with the one-time charge of the battery?

Unlike other power tools, you'll only use the impact wrench several times for short periods during one work. So, it won't consume much charge.

Here are some of its exclusive features:

Quick start, Quick Stop

The reason to buy an impact driver is to make your work easier, right? Have you seen an impact wrench in action during a NASCAR race tire change? It takes seconds to change a tire for one impact wrench.

Those wrenches are every expensive and have a very fast state of the art motor. But the Makita xwt11z is nowhere less than those impact wrenches.

An impact wrench is bound to be fast while releasing a lug nut. But how much time would it take to stop the rotation? That's the issue. Because if it takes more time to stop the rotation between the nut release, the time gap cannot be overcome.

With the xwt11z you don't have to worry. To decrease the gap, it has a reverse rotation that lasts 2 seconds after releasing one nut. So, the gap is decreased to 2 seconds only. Not bad for a non-race car impact wrench.

Versatile Application

You're not just thinking about changing tires, are you? If you are, then you're wrong. Because this device is much more than just one specific impact wrench. It basically is a 3-speed impact wrench with which you can adjust and change the rpm to a suitable amount and use the wrench for various works.

Makita XWT11Z Impact wrench

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It's not only bound for opening a specific type of machine or lug nuts. It can be really versatile if given the perfect job. It's a versatile machine and you have to make the best use of it.

Long battery life

The first impression after learning that it runs on a lithium-ion battery, I myself thought that it won't be able to run for too long. But exceeding all the expectations the machine can run a lot more. It's not a normal lithium-ion battery.

The battery is especially electrically controlled to save 50% energy. So when other impact wenches will run 1 time, it'll run twice with the same amount of charge. It has an 18V motor inside that can actually work seamlessly.

Makita XWT11Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3-Speed 1/2' Sq. Drive Impact Wrench, Tool Only
225 Reviews
Makita XWT11Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3-Speed 1/2" Sq. Drive Impact Wrench, Tool Only
  • BL Brushless motor delivers 210 feet pounds Of max torque
  • Compact and ergonomic design at only 5 to 3/4 inches Long
  • 3 Speed power selection switch (0 to 1, 600/ 0 2, 100/ 0 2, 800 RPM & 0 1, 800/ 0 2, 600/ 0 3, 500 IPM) for precise fastening control in a wide range of applications

Pros And Cons Of Makita Xwt11z


  • Very good build quality for just an impact wrench
  • Weighs only about 0.16 oz.
  • Saves a lot of energy
  • Suitable for several devices
  • Electrically optimized battery
  • Very fast
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can be used perfectly for rigid spaces


  • Only available in one color scheme
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an impact wrench used for?

An impact wrench is mainly used for loosening the nuts from vehicle tires. But it produces an immense torque that can be used for loosening other screws from different machines too.

Q. What is the difference between an impact driver and impact wrench?

Impact drivers are small, less powered and used for smaller screws and nuts. On the contrary, impact wrenches are more powerful and used for loosening bigger nuts.

Q. What size impact wrench do I need?

There's a standard size of impact wrenches used in the tool shops and by mechanics. The standard size is 3/4 inches mainly used for large scale assemblies.

Q. Who invented the impact wrench?

An impact wrench is patented by a US patent inventor Edward L. Allen. He filed the first even impact wrench invention in 1969. It was patented in 1971.

Q. Can an impact driver be used as an impact wrench?

Yes, you can. But for powerful and large scale work, impact wrench is a must and impact wrenches are far more powerful than impact drivers.


There you go. We have completed theMakita xwt11z review. In the review, we have explained all the exclusive features and the introductory specifications that will help you to decide whether to buy it or not.

Reviews apart, if I'm to suggest you personally, I'll definitely recommend you to go for it. It's actually a fine piece of machine that should be inside your toolbox. So, grab one before it gets sold out.

Alternative Suggestion

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Makita XWT08Z  LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless High Torque Square Drive Impact Wrench, 18V/1/2'
391 Reviews
Makita XWT08Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless High Torque Square Drive Impact Wrench, 18V/1/2"
  • BL Motor delivers 740 feet pounds of Max Torque and 1,180 feet pounds of breakaway torque
  • 3 speed power selection switch (0 900/0 1,000/0 1,800 RPM & 0 1,800/0 2,000/0 2,200 IPM) provides precise fastening control
  • 1/2 inches anvil with friction ring for quick and easy socket changes
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