Stanley 92-839 Black Chrome and Laser Etched Socket Set Review

The fact that Stanley is uses all over the globe definitely tells us something about the product. The quality is outstanding and the Stanley black chrome socket set review  will essentially tell you everything that you need to know to decide whether you should go for the unit or not.

This is not a tough choice and you will very soon know why. The inclusive kit necessarily means that the variety is wide enough and you will probably find almost everything that you need. If ANSI specification is something that you worry about then you should feel relaxed to know that the sockets actually meet or exceed the ANSI specifications

Specification of Stanley Black Chrome Socket Set 

The socket depth is both standard and deep. With 6 and 8 point depths, the sockets have drive sizes 1/4 and 3/8 inches. The entire set size, therefore, ranges between 1/4 to 7/8 inches and 4mm to 19mm. It has a pear ratchet head style. Moreover, the set is armed with a full lifetime warranty against incidental or consequential damages.

Convenient And Travel Handy Tool Storage Case

The sockets and ratchets are excellently organized in the travel handy case which means you can carry all the tools that you may need conveniently, without losing them. The hard case encompasses all the tools securely within offering great portability and transportability. At first look, the socket may be hard to remove from their snugly fitted positions, but over time and use they loosen a lot and many users have actually complained of sockets falling out due to loosening. You may need a newspaper, plastic or even epoxy wrap done to make sure the sockets don’t get jumbled up or you don’t end up losing them, which is quite annoying.

Black Chrome Finish

I don’t know about you but if the finishing attracts you then you will be delighted as this one has black chrome finish. This looks a lot like a premium cellphone or something of that sort as the look is very attractive.

I also get the point that a look shouldn’t matter much in a Stanley product. It is a socket set at the end of the day anyways. However, whatever people say, the look still matters and we will end the argument here.

99 Pieces

The sub-title seems clear enough and this is true. You will get around 99 pieces of premium units for your needs and though you might not even need all of them, it is good to know that you have options. The best part of all of this is that all the 99 pieces that you will have in your set will be ANSI certified (some of them even easily exceed ANSI certification).

Max Drive Design

What exactly is a max drive design? Well, it is a unique radius corner design that Stanley is known for. The best part about their technology is that the tightening process is a lot faster than usual and you will feel comfortable when you are twisting and turning.Another fact which you should feel comfortable knowing is that their tightening process is a lot faster than usual and you will not have to spend a ton of time working with your units (that’s a great pro too).

stanley black chrome socket set review

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Value For Money

The set comes in very useful for everyone from occasional users, to professionals, to people who know little about tools. Alternatively, for very frequent users, black chrome in Husky or Craftsman is a better option as just about ten more dollars can fetch the 154 piece set. For those not wanting to invest as much as $86-$96, the regular price range may want to look out for offers and price drops though. At very rare occasions or at local stores the set may be available at a much reduced price and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Laser-Etched Markings For Visibility

One of the unique features of this Stanley 99 piece tool set is that the markings on the sockets are laser etched instead of regular stamped labels which wear away soon. The markings are large and in gold, making it highly visible even for people with poor or aging eyesight. This is helpful so you can easily know if you’re picking the right socket. However, for very small sockets, writings may not be as pronounced due to the little surface available for marking.

  • The knurled handle finish prevents slippage and resistance
  • Quick Release switch and reversible mechanism for easy operation
  • Value for money
  • A wide range and sizes of sockets that can be used for a wide number of applications.
  • All components meet ANSI Certification
  • Made of steel with chromium vanadium finish for a better finish and stronger well-constructed design.
  • Laser marking make it easy to read the size of sockets
  • The plastic case does not hold the tools very well: there is wear and tear of daily use and the fit also loosens over time, causing the equipment to come off.
  • Some customers have complained of receiving greased tools but that may be factory greased and removed easily with light rubbing.

This is a must-have tool set due to a wide range of common and even uncommon sockets and ratchets that have a wide range of application. The tools have a black Chrome finish which looks attractive and is durable. The finish doesn’t flake off even after years of use, but a few scratches may develop with time. The build quality from Stanley is very good. The tools come in a hard plastic two-piece case for better portability and the case also functions as a drawer tray. The laser markings on the tools are highly visible and easy to read off.We are very happy when you could find your stanley black chrome socket set by reading our  review. However, be careful to fix the case if it loosens over time or you might lose the precious tools.

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