Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Review

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The Craftsman C3 19.2V is the second product of the cordless tool line, with its predecessor released a long time back. Today we are going to writing for our readers about craftsman c3 heavy duty impact wrench review.Just like its earlier counterpart, the C3 19.2 V is also a great wrench, with great power or performance. The features are very good, if not extraordinary and  it may also be good value for money, and a great performer, but not the best and most innovative heavy duty impact wrench available in the market.

Craftsman C3 ½” Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Kit 

The cordless C3 19.2V is out to challenge the tightest and most obstinate lug nuts or bolts. Everyone, from professionals to mechanics to DIY-ers, will find good use of this wrench. Designed for toughness and durability, this wrench delivers high torque action in structural projects, home applications, work shed, garages, or in engine compartments.

Craftsman has been a trusted name in delivering high performing tools that are also value for money, but how effective it will be in keeping up with the technological surge in the modern tool market and continue to hold its position, only time can perhaps tell.

Average Torque, Better Speed

The maximum torque is 300 lb-ft which is very high in comparison to the 100 till up to 250 lb-ft of torque offered by most companies in the wrench industry but very low when compared to other heavy-duty wrench in the market. The speed is variable, starting from zero going all the way to 3,000 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) /IPM (Impacts per Minute). The disadvantage of having such a power packed tool is that the torque is not consistent with the battery charge. Also, the tool has just one mode of operations and it is the speed that must be controlled.

4Ah 19.2 V Lithium Ion Power Packed Battery

The 4Ah XCP battery is a 19.2 Voltage lithium battery and one that packs in a lot of activity for the wrench, meaning that you can get a lot of bolts tightened and a lot of fixtures done without needing to replace the battery anytime soon. XCP technology delivers more power, greater run time while increasing torque by about 20%.

craftsman c3 heavy duty impact wrench review

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It is definitely a step up from brands with wrench batteries in the range 15V or less but it is also not uncommon to see some other wrench companies offering about 18V to 20V of battery voltage. A lithium-ion battery packs in both power and time of usage. Moreover, the Multi-Chemistry charger uses the latest technology to have you covered when your battery runs out of power.

Led Lights For Working In The Dark

The Craftsman C3 impact wrench comes in with three LED lights conveniently positioned for a hands-free supply of bright light to help you see and work clearly in scarce lighting conditions. The lights are built into the wrench, negating any risk of them coming off or loosening.

Strong Build And Design

The kit scores high on portability and ease of transport: you can easily carry the equipment to wherever it is that you’re working. The ergonomic design not only lends an appealing outlook but is also very comfortable to hold and work with.

craftsman c3 heavy duty impact wrench review

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The micro texture grip of the handle is smooth and firm. One added useful feature is that they work perfectly well in both high and low temperatures, from 5 degrees to as high as 158 degrees. It is suitable for most low to medium duty work but the power may not be sufficient for prolonged heavy duty work.

Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Reviews and specifications

  • Drive:                                   1/2 in
  • Length:                                 8 in
  • Width:                                   3 in
  • Chuck Size:                          1/2 in
  • Weight (excluding battery):  3.5lbs
  • Weight (including battery):  5.5lbs
  • Clutch Torque:                      Non-Adjustable
  • Chuck Key Type:                  Keyless
  • Reversibility:                         Yes
  • Color/Finish;                          Black
  • Torque:                                 300ft- lb
  • RPM:                                    3000
  • Charge time:                         1.5hrs
  • Battery:                                 Lithium-ion, 19.2V, 4Ah (Ampere-hours)
Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Review

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  • Great build quality, strength, durability, design
  • Three built-in LED lights to provide bright light in dark working conditions
  • Power packed 19.2 V 4Ah battery offers great power, reliability
  • Battery and Charger compatible with predecessor tools and wrenched from the same company
  • Micro-textured handle for firm grip and comfortable feel
  • 1/2 inch square anvil with detent pin retention
  • XCP battery is a major upgrade from previous NiCad batteries.
  • Good value for money
  • High powered, but power may not be adequate for long periods of heavy-duty performance; some nuts are just not loosened with this unit.
  • Higher torque offerings from competitors

Faq- Frequently Asked Questions

Is It For Sale As A Kit Or Single Unit?

The Craftsman C3 can be purchased as a single unit or as a kit with just about ten extra dollars. The contents of the kit include the impact wrench itself, a 19.2-V 4Ah XCP Lithium-ion Battery, and a CH2030 Multi-Chemistry Charger. The single unit is just the wrench.

Can I Use The New Battery Or Charger With My Old Wrench Versions?

You wouldn’t believe it but, yes you can! One advantage that will surely sell the C3 wrenches over other brands like Milwaukee and IR, both of which have products in the same price offerings, is that batteries and chargers of the current products are compatible with the previous line of tools the company has. One doesn’t have to discard an old tool and can reap the benefits of an upgrade- both at the same time.


The battery is great; the performance is superb at the price point. Our research and writing are success when you read craftsman c3 heavy duty impact wrench review and if the content help you to make your valuable buying decision. This is truly durable, strong and well built. It has some thoughtful features with the tool that makes a comfortable, handy and portable instrument to use. But it suffers from lack of power in many heavy duty operations.

Craftsman is a household name in making tools and wrenches, but with the competition fiercely increasing every day and new products using sophisticated technology, the C3 is just an extension of the previous model with the new features not cutting edge as extraordinarily as expected.

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